Quick Sex Tips: 

“Love Making Techniques”

By Alex Allman

Love making techniques are... EVERYWHERE
If you are on line at the grocer store check
out you are blasted with headlines:

Best Love Making Techniques!
Love Making Techniques To Try Tonight!
Love Making Techniques To Drive Her (or him) Crazy!
Ultimate Love Making Techniques!

Yet, if you've tried any of these endless
love making techniques, you know that they
usually fall flat.


Because when you use a love making technique,
all too often if feels to your partner like you
are using some... "love making technique"...

In other words, it feels like you are not
organically engaged with what you are doing.

It turns out that any love making technique
will fall flat if you are more focused on
making the technique work than you are on
your lover.

In fact, the single most important love
making technique that I discuss in my book
is not a technique at all... but rather a
state of mind.

It's about "being present"... being in the
moment... being totally tuned in to your
lover and to her body.

This one thing is a hundred times more
powerful than any PHYSICAL love making
technique for bringing your woman to powerful,
consistent, and emotionally mind-blowing
orgasms, time after time.

So I could list a bunch of love making
techniques here... many of which are very
pleasurable for the majority of women (though
every woman is different, so the results
for each will vary)... and in fact, I do
list these love making techniques in my book
and in many of the other articles that I've

But in the end, being present, staying connected,
and paying attention is so much more powerful
than anything else...

And, most critical for you to understand...
this is the one thing that so many men
screw up as soon as they try to USE some canned
love making techniques that they learned from
a magazine or book...

So for this QUICK SEX TIPS article, let me
just give you this one thing to think about:

When you read about some love making techniques,
make sure you put it to this one test...

Is it something that turns YOU on when you
read about it?

Is it something that makes you think: hmmm,
that sounds HOT, I want to do that!

If it does, then GO FOR IT.

Because when you are doing it for you OWN
pleasure, it will feel to your partner like
something organic and connected.

When you are doing something that's supposed
to work on HER, that's exactly what it feels
like to her... like you are TRYING too hard,
like you are using a "love making technique",
and that will always fall flat.

When you are ready to learn how to bring
organic authenticity to your love making,
so that you completely BLOW HER MIND in the
bedroom, this is where you need to go:

Revolutionary Sex


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